Living Water Environmental provides wastewater solutions for wash water, wash racks, grease traps, Lift Stations, municipal wastewater and WAS dewatering, winery, brewery, industrial wastewater, dairy and poultry lagoons and agricultural wastewater challenges.

LWE Wastewater Technologies

Microbial Bioaugmentation

LWE Ultra and Microbes for Bioaugmentation in CAFO Dairy Lagoons, Grease Traps, Winery and Brewery Wastewater, Beef and Chicken Processing Plants, Etc.


Heavy Metal Removal and Adsorption from water

Coagulants and Flocculants

LWE offers many options for Coagulants and Flocculants.  We also offer BEST PRICING.  Contact Us for a comparative quote today.

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

LWE DAF systems range from 5 – 750 GPM.  We offer a compact 5 GPM system designed specifically for wash water treatment from washing equipment.

Solids Dewatering

LWE offers solids dewatering systems for small and large dewatering applications.  We offer many types of polymers for thickening solids and equipment for dewatering.

Wastewater Consulting

We also provide consulting for systems integration and solutions for existing projects.  With almost 30 years of water treatment experience in almost all types of wastewater applications, we can help with a solution for your water challenges.

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LR Dairy

I agreed to a 3-month trial of the LWE Ultra microbes to eliminate odor and reduce the solids crust that was about 8-12” inches on the surface of my lagoon.   I would like to say that the performance of the LWE microbes far exceeded my expectations.  The odor is almost completely gone and solids have … Continue reading LR Dairy

Winery and Brewery Wastewater Treatment

Making one gallon of wine and beer made in Washington State may require the use of ten to even a hundred gallons of water.  The water, after use, becomes wastewater which requires treatment. Wastewater from the wine and beer making process can be quite concentrated, requiring pretreatment prior to discharge to sanitary sewer or biological … Continue reading Winery and Brewery Wastewater Treatment

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